Blood creek


When I first picked up Blood Creek to check it out, I thought: “Finally, a movie about the occult dealings of the SS Nazis of the Third Reich”. But then it happened. I kept reading until my eyes fell upon an unfortunately familiar name, Joel Schumacher. For those of you that do know who this infamous director is, you probably fall into one of two camps. Either you’re in the camp of “Joel Schumacher, the genius that made The Lost Boys“, or you’re in the camp of “Joel Schumacher, that asshole that turned the Batman franchise gayer than Republican Senator Larry Craig’s wide stance in the men’s bathroom”. Well, for me personally, I love Schumacher for The Lost Boys more than I hate him for fucking up Tim Burton’s vision of Batman, so I bought Blood Creek.

Ladies (and some guys, I’m sure) will no doubt love Henry Cavill and Dominic Purcell (the yoked out brother from the TV show, Prison Break) as they star as brothers Evan and Victor Marshall. The two brothers return to an ominous looking farmhouse in rural Morgan County, West Virginia, that just so happens to be the location where an infiltration of SS Nazis decided to conduct occult experiments in 1936. Needless to say, there was some pretty interesting shit happening there, and 74 years later, there still is.


Ok, I will admit that there’s a cheesy scene here and there that I can definitely forgive, but overall, I thought Blood Creek was a pretty damn good movie. The setting was bleak and full of despair. The acting was solid, even though Cavill’s character was written a little too flawless for my taste. The Nazi flashbacks were picturesque and disturbing, and the surprise in the cellar sealed the deal for me. This could possibly be Joel Schumacher’s redemption back into the horror genre from his comic book bungle. Let’s face it, the Nazi’s were abso-fuckin’-lutely determined. They tried anything and everything to achieve their ends, including black magic. Hats off to Joel Schumacher for recognizing such an interesting aspect of these evil bastards and bringing it to our television screens. I recommend Blood Creek to fans of the paranormal and the History Channel.

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