Bloody Mary


Ok, how many of you have stood in the dark in front of a bathroom mirror chanting “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary…” thirteen times, just to catch a glimpse of the legendary mirror witch? Be honest. Hell, even I’ve done it. The fascination with the legendary mirror witch runs deep in Western culture. Some sources say that “Bloody Mary” is supposed to be Mary Worth, a presumed witch that was executed for practicing black magic. Others confuse “Bloody Mary” with Mary I of England (1553-1558) for having scores of Protestants brought under the axe. And others only know “Bloody Mary” as that hair-of-the-dog drink they have every Sunday morning to wash away a brutal hangover from the night before. Whatever the real story behind the legend of “Bloody Mary” is, it seems that we just can’t get enough of her. Mary has been the evil antagonist of multiple films and TV shows including Supernatural and The X Files. Never the less, when I picked up the 2006 ode to our reflective friend, I had to give it a look.


Bloody Mary follows Natalie Fitzgerald (Kim Tyler) in the hunt to find her missing sister. The journey leads Ms. Fitzgerald to a mental asylum where her sister worked as a nurse to a garden variety of nut-jobs. Natalie soon discovers that some of the staff, her sister included, have been playing a little “mirror game” during a break in their shifts. The young nursing assistants quickly learn that there are some urban legends you most certainly do not want to fuck with.


At first glance, Bloody Mary seemed to be just your ordinary, run of the mill, low budget horror movie. Right from the opening sequence it looked like the flick was shot on an iphone or a droid, but knowing that it was made in 2006, I knew that couldn’t be the case. Strangely enough, as the movie progresses, so does the cinematography and audio…go figure. I have to admit, I actually began to like Bloody Mary the more I got into it. The acting from most of the cast isn’t quite vomit inducing (I’ve seen worse) and the plot wasn’t as thin as I expected it to be despite some serious holes. Guys (and some girls) will definitely like the gratuitous titty scenes for no apparent reason, and you ladies (and some guys) might enjoy the prolonged shot of a man’s naked ass while he paints a picture. Whatever floats your boat.

However, the special effects left a lot to be desired and I think the end product should be run through the editing process one more time. Case in point, when you shoot a scene where someone fires a gun, you might want to make sure that a bit of fire comes out of the barrel and brass is ejected. It’s not enough to watch someone jerk their hand backward to some stock gunfire sound effects. Come on now, this is a motion picture not “cops and robbers” in the fuckin’ front yard.

I still say give Bloody Mary a glance…if you can find her. This movie is so low profile that it took me forever scouring the internet just to find two measly pictures to tickle your retinas with.

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