Like it or not, blood red is now the new black. Vampires have taken their predatory fangs and punctured our books, television sets, and movies, while feeding on our attention spans to sustain themselves. From the ingenious social commentary of HBO’s True Blood, to the failed attempt to recreate the Buffy-Angel-Spike fiasco called The Vampire Diaries, to that laughably pathetic teen romance starring the V.I.N.O (Vampire In Name Only), a 107 year old high school student that sparkles in the sun. I like to refer to these 3 examples as “The good, the bad, and the fucking retarded”. Alas, it is inevitable. When one focuses purely upon quantity, the first to be sacrificed is always quality. Some have even ventured so far as to say that vampires, as a whole, have been de-fanged. Well, I disagree, and Daybreakers is my proof in the blood pudding.

In the not too distant future, the world has become infected by a plague that has transformed most of the human population into vampires. Humans are now being farmed for food, but the supply is quickly running out. Ethan Hawke stars as vampire hematologist, Edward Dalton, who happens to be researching for a synthetic answer to the vampire’s need for human blood.


Daybreakers feels like it picks up right where Richard Matheson left off in his novel I am Legend. It is also what that shit-heap with the same name starring Will Smith, could have, and should have been, but wasn’t. With a cast line up that consists of Ethan Hawke, Willem Defoe, Isabel Lucas, and Sam Neill, nothing but the directing could bring this movie down, and it did nothing of the sort. Co-directors, Peter and Michael Spierig, seemed very conscious of their choices in making an interesting, and original vampire film.


If you have been infected by the Twilight disease, Daybreakers could be your cure. These vampires are not self-loathing EMOs that whine about their vampiric un-lives. They don’t have reflections, they most certainly do NOT sparkle in the sun, and the less human blood they consume, the more bestial they become. Non-CGI monster effects and gore galore made for a perfect blood soaked antidote to the current limp-dick vampire trend.


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