Have you ever come across something that you thought was dead but then it turned out that it wasn’t, and upon further examination, it really should be dead, but for some reason it isn’t? No, I’m not talking about American Idol. I’m talking about what Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez) and JT (Noah Segan) stumble upon in the movie DEADGIRL that will change their lives forever.


Living in this technological age, images and videos of genocidal aftermath, domestic murders, and sexual deviants are just a key stroke away. It is becoming increasingly harder and harder to stun and horrify the modern day individual no matter how much grue they throw at us. Well, co-directors Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel take a different approach to fucking with our freak-out factor with DEADGIRL. Not only do they choose an uncomfortable subject, they choose three of them, and weave them together into a masterful snapshot of mental depravity that you almost feel ashamed for watching.


DEADGIRL is a must see. It is shot as gritty and perverse as a snuff film with the intelligence and sophistication of a documentary. I was amazed by the caliber of acting that this indie flick carried. The subjects of gang rape, necrophilia, and teenage sexual slaves were three things I thought I would never even need to string together in a single sentence, but DEADGIRL more than merits the effort. And just when you think that these subjects are more than you can handle and you need to go scrub your eyeballs of all the filth that has polluted your pupils, they throw you some cock-chomping, zombie carnage.

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