Lovely Molly

Coincidence can be a mother fucker. For me, coincidence started out when I woke up in the morning to read headlines about Johnny Lewis (Half Sac from Sons of Anarchy fame). Apparently, lil’ Half Sac beat his elderly landlady to death, and before the cops could arrive, Half Sac pulled a half Gainer off of a second story balcony, leaving his lifeless body sprawled out on the driveway of his former Hollywood home. Now fast forward to about 7:00pm. I’m perusing the Netflix horror queue when I decided to stop on a flick entitled Lovely Molly. I figured “What the hell, let’s give it a go”, and son-of-a-bitch, Johnny Lewis’ name is staring me in the face during the title credits.

While Lovely Molly was just warming up, I thought to myself “Fuck yeah. A violent looking ghost flick starring a dude that just died violently”. And for a lack of eloquence, that’s exactly what it was. Lovely Molly starts off with a theme that has been used and abused more than Lindsey Lohan’s nostrils. Molly (Gretchen Lodge) and her newlywed husband Tim (Half Sac) return to live in Molly’s childhood home, which happens to be the same home that Molly and her sister Hanna (Alexandra Holden) were physically, and sexually abused by their now deceased father. You know, the perfect place to start a life with your new husband.

It isn’t long before marital bliss is put on pause as Half Sac has to take off for days at a time for work, leaving Molly all by her lonesome to ponder her late abusive daddy and her *gasp* random heroine addiction. Molly’s presence within the house seems to awaken her phantom pedophile father as he begins to molest her psyche and thrust her beyond the brink of sanity. What follows is a transformation within Molly that would rival that of What Ever Happened To Baby Jane (1962).

I gotta admit, I didn’t really expect much from a movie with such a common premise, but Lovely Molly added a few original elements to freshen up a musty old tale. Gretchen Lodge was superb in her star role. She displayed a tremendous range for an actress with only two films to her credit. There were some genuinely creepy scenes that kept your wheels turning as you tried to decipher what the hell was going to happen next. As for poor Half Sac, his performance fell as hard as his body when it hit the driveway of his Hollywood home. What a coincidence.

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