Government experiments, some healthy sibling rivalry and a really nice house on the lake in this installment of the Blood Gutter!

Pod.  What is a pod?  A seed vessel?  A cocoon of sorts for alien life perhaps?  Would you call the thing inside the pod a pod?  Me neither.  I have to admit, this movie is very pretty.  There are some really eye catching shots in such crystal clarity that you think you’re about to watch a great film.  ehm…

Pod movie - Martin with gun

At the lakehouse, no one can hear your dog scream. except you.

We begin in the icy woods.  We know that something is going on as the music suggests such.  Our green cammo’d hunter crunches along the frozen ground and we hear the unfortunate sounds of a dog who had gnawed his last bone.  After some investigative yelling and a teasing camera pan to….what is it?….  whaaaaat isss itt?  AW DARN!  we are treated to a refreshingly quick title sequence.

We meet Ed(Dean Cates) and Lyla (Lauren Ashley Carter).  One is clearly well adjusted due to his slacks and the other is a party animal who just might do powder drugs.  They agree that they need to see Martin, their brother, who is at the lake house and it seems that this is of some concern.

Ed and Lyla - Pod

The best part of waking up….

After an all night ride we get to the lake house and it. is. gorgeous.  It’s right on the lake, like a few steps and your on the shore.  Then we get in the house.  Marty (Brian Morvant) has really let this place go to hell.  Foil on the windows and doors, power tools in the kitchen, giant beakers strewn about.  It’s a real mess.  After threatening his brother and sister with gun violence we learn that he caught something in the woods.  Remember from the beginning?  That was Martin.  He shot and he caught that thing and put it in the basement and locked the door with two pad locks.  Two!  He calls it a pod.

So here’s where I get confused and frustrated.  A pod?  Now, call me old fashioned, but I think pods are vessels, not creatures.  The evil badies live IN the pods, they aren’t the pods themselves.  Like, “pod people” aren’t the pods, they come from inside the pod.  That’s like calling all humans moms, because that were we came from?  Wait, but we’re called humans and grew in a human…  I guess that makes sense.  We don’t call oak trees acorns now do we?  There that’s better.   Well Martin calls the thing he captured a pod.  But he shot it in the snow… it’s not like a pod was out walking around, killing dogs and then he shot the pod and captured what came out.  Right?  Am I alone here?  If I’ve suspended my disbelief enough to accept that Martin buzzed only the sides of his head for a sweet 90’s “step” haircut due to a mental breakdown, then maybe I should just call this alien a pod?  Nah, fuck that.



Well, apparently Martin has gone nuts before at the VA, so his folded and pressed brother came prepared with a sedative in a syringe. Ed and Lyla discuss subduing manic Martin and getting to the truth of all this madness.  Did the government really perform experiments on soldiers and expose them to …pods?… monsters or is this all in Martins head.  OR SOMETHING MORE SINISTER?

Ed and Lyla with blood on the wall

Wall blood is this seasons hottest accessory for today’s lunatic on the go

It’s currently trending on Netflix (as of 12/10/15) so take a gander and see why hobos in tuxedos are still hobos.  This is not a  slight on the homeless.  Homelessness affects many and it is a massive problem in this country, please do what you can to help.  Pod.

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