I have mixed feelings about torture porn flicks.  Some are great, some are bad, but great, some are terrible, but great.  Okay, okay, I fucking love torture porn flicks. It’s rare that flicka-shows can make my face scrunch up, even in this genre, but Vile certainly delivered.

We begin like many of it’s predecessors:  Four friends having heartwarming moments with each other, their only cares being the emotional distress of having to tell your significant other that you’re pregnant or having to get to work.

Oh, life. You so full of merriment and wonder.

Pretty standard stuff.  They come across an alluring stranger, in this case through the form of a well dressed “cougar” (played by Mckenzie Westmore) looking for gas and a ride on the lonely strip of road these kids are unfortunate enough to traverse.  They go through the motions, get gassed and end up tied up in a basement, but they are not alone.  In the basement we’re introduced to more strangers and immediately one of the four friends’ fingernail is ripped off, setting a good pace for what’s to come.  A fight ensues and and we get some clarity:  There is a video, and watching it will help them understand what is happening.

I would like to play a game

We learn, through this Saw-esque video that everyone in the house has a device attached to their heads.  The device is designed to extract natural chemicals produced by our brains.  These chemicals are produced when we experience pain.  There is a 22 hour countdown and a meter for chemical levels.  It is up to the inhabitants of the house to make sure that 100% is reached on the gauge, by working together.  That means, basically, they need to torture each other and we get to watch.

The tortures start after some civil conversation and petty arguing and “Greg” is up first.  Yeah, yeah story, schmory.  We learn that these chemicals are used to make a drug, Greg has something to hide and oh yeah:  When you remove these devices, you basically die instantly as demonstrated by “Julian” who planked after a triumphant tug.  Alright back to the torture:  They start going to town on this guy and we hear the beeps of the meter in the background, letting us know that the percentage is rising, due to the pain they are causing poor ol’ greg.  He takes it like a trooper as they punch and kick him, but they need to get serious as it’s not quite yielding the type of results they’re looking for.  So they strap him on the table and get to work.

This bitch.

One character is a bit more boisterous than the rest.  “Tara”.  She seems to put on this hard-ass mask and deals out some major punishment to “Greg”, crippling him all the while claiming that he knows more than he’s letting on.  She’s also mouthy and disagreeable in nearly every situation.  She’s the character, you love to hate.  She’s the character that your inner sadist wants to see tortured.  “Oh man, I can’t wait to see this chick on the slab”.  She reveals Greg to be a dealer of this exotic brain fluid drug and is convinced that he’s actually in on the whole thing.  This puts her character in a tough spot as, morally, as she already considers “Greg” responsible for the whole situation and treats him as such.  No one else seems to have her back and she just acts shittier.  Later, she also suggests that they keep torturing “Greg” and leave him to die to lessen everyone else pain.  People agree then as they start getting scared of the pain that’s coming.  Despicable behavior all around.

The two characters that we’re supposed to care about are “Nick” and “Taylor”.  “Taylor” is pregnant and was going to tell “Nick” but chickened out in the beginning.  When it’s “Nick’s” turn for torture, she reveals that she’s preggers to another member of the group and they decide that she should tell “Nick” after his torture.  I can only assume for some sort of easement to his pain.  It only starts more drama because he doesn’t want her to be harmed and offers himself to take her turns being tortured.  What a swell guy.   Other folks get tortured in various ways: Irons, more fingernails being ripped out, boiling water.  Then it’s “Tara’s” turn.  After pushing the idea that they should keep torturing “Greg” to avoid pain on the rest of the group, “Nick” and “Tony” had enough.  “Nick” calls her out and “Tony” knocks her out.  She comes to already on the slab and tied up.  It’s payback time.  And just in case you really felt that “Tara” was just doing what she though was right, with her knowledge that “Greg” is dealing this drug: During the struggle in getting her ready for her turn to take torture, she’s able to get her hands on a knife and cuts the throat of “Tony’s” girlfriend who promptly dies from what appears to be a jugular cut.  All bets are off and now everyone should hate her.

What happens next was the most brutal torture in my opinion.  The fierce tiger turns into a little pussycat.  It involves a wrench, teeth, and a god damn cheese grater.  It was at this point that my face scrunched.

More torture happens as folks get tortured they try to reach 100% and make it out alive, after being thoroughly tortured.  They eventually reach the goal and are awarded their freedom.  Or are they?  You’ll have to check this one out on your own.


  • If you had 3 gallons of water, at a violently rolling boiling, dropped on your lap, you would be down for the count.
  • It seems as though pain only exists at the initial infliction in this movie.  I’m no brain scientist rocket doctor, but some of these wounds seems like the pain would be constant and the chemicals would be steadily flowing.
  • After a leg was broken and it was decided that no injuries would be sustained that would hinder one from escaping, TWO characters put their hands in boiling water, something that would effectively take out one of your must important survival appendages.

All in all, I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it for date night and snuggling.


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