We’re Baaaack

Carol Ann in front of Poltergiest TV with caption

Greetings and salutations from The Horrorshow Horror Show.  We’ve been away for quite some time and we missed you so much.  Life has a funny way of being incredibly inconvenient and stupid and dumb and monumentally great and also bad and dumb.   Progenies were created and diapees changed.  9-5s were brought to the forefront and cast to the wayside.  Business was done and games were played.  Tears were cried and laughs were had.

One thing remained the same in the midst of all of this life:  We watched horror movies.

It is this consistency that re-ignited our passions.  We had also both completed the 31 days of Halloween challenge in October and in doing so, realized that it was not a far cry from our normal horror media consumption.  We’re watching this much of our favorite genre… why not talk about it?  Why not crack jokes?  Why not share it with you?  And for most of these movies you won’t even have to go to great lengths to find these titles because they’re streaming on your instant video services.  Kick your shoes off, grab a beer and watch a bad movie with us.


-The Creature

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